Tuesday, January 17 2017 19:44 EET
Poroshenko in the interview to Bloomberg emphasized the role of NATO for the world and Trump`s unique opportunities
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In the interview to Bloomberg, Petro Poroshenko opined about the role of NATO in providing world`s security, sanctions against Russia and Trump`s opportunities concerning Ukraine.

Poroshenko is sure that the world needs the North Atlantic Alliance.

“When Russia annexed Crimea and started aggression in the east of my country, Russia fully ruined the postwar global system based on the UN Security Council. NATO remained the only efficient security mechanism in the world,” he said.

Petro Poroshenko also noted that sanctions against Russia were the issue of global security.

“If anyone is allowed to start aggression against a sovereign, independent country only for its aspirations of reforms, building democracy and fighting for freedom, this is the issue of values, not sanctions,” the President said. The Head of State recalled the Budapest Memorandum when a series of countries had guaranteed sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for its abandonment of nuclear weapons.

President of Ukraine expressed his vision concerning further cooperation with U.S. in light of Trump`s election.

“U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump has unique opportunities for using all his influence to support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and democracy,” he underlined, noting that Ukraine had received significant support from the United States over the past years.

Earlier Poroshenko claimed Ukraine would never return to the stall of the Russian empire.

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