Monday, January 16 2017 18:59 EET
Ukraine insists again on Debaltseve return in accordance with Minsk Agreements
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The Ukrainian side issued a reminder at the Trilateral Contact Group meeting of the need for implementing the entire Package of Measures of the Minsk Agreements, calls settlement of the range of security issues a priority, reported Interfax-Ukraine.

"We are insisting on the observance of the entire package of the Minsk Agreements, including the reaching of the line as on September 19, 2014, including Debaltseve," Darka Olifer, the spokesperson of Ukraine's envoy in the Trilateral Contact Group, second Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, said on her Facebook page following the first meeting in Minsk this year.

The settlement of the range of security issues is a pivotal component of the entire Minsk process, Olifer said.

"Without a complete and stable ceasefire, without withdrawal of all foreign military units and military hardware from Ukraine, without control over the border, there can be no elections in separate districts in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions," she said.

Earlier reported Ukrainian troops face heavy clashes near Debaltsevo.

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