Monday, January 16 2017 18:34 EET
Poroshenko: Ukraine will never return to the stall of the Russian empire
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“Ukraine will not return under Russian influence anymore, because the authorities and people work to build a new state,” President Petro Poroshenko noted in the press statement following the negotiations with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

“Today, we are building a new, strong, powerful, democratic Ukraine. This is no longer the state we’ve started from when the former criminal failed authorities fled at the beginning of the Russian military aggression. This is Ukraine with dignity and aspirations for democratic reforms. This is Ukraine that will not return to the stall of the Russian empire,” the Head of State emphasized.

“This is Ukraine that will firmly defend democratic values, rights and freedoms. Values common for Ukraine and for the United States. This is Ukraine that has a new, strong, professional, powerful, patriotic and capable army. This is Ukraine with new police. This is Ukraine with new anti-corruption infrastructure. This is Ukraine with a clear plan of reforms and a powerful political will for the implementation of those reforms,” the President noted and added that such Ukraine was a guarantor of non-return of Europe to the “cold war” period.

“In a very short term, in conditions of aggression, war, illegal annexation of Crimea and occupation of the eastern part of our country, we have done more than in the entire period of existence of Ukraine. And it is not only my evaluation, not only the internal one,” Petro Poroshenko concluded.

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