Friday, January 13 2017 20:56 EET
'Things that may be first to explode': Joe Biden shares his experience with Pence regarding Ukraine
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Acting Vice-President praised his successor in office.

US Vice President Joe Biden gave advice to his successor Mike Pence on Ukraine, reports 112 TV channel.

Joseph Biden informed that he had sent a note with advice on how best to improve relations with Ukrainian and Iraqi leaders to Pence at the White House on January 12.

According to Biden, the elected Vice President knows about Russia more than the US President-elect Donald Trump.

"I never know what Trump has in mind”, said Biden about the President-Elect’s remarks on Russia. “But I think that Mike is much more informed about Russian behavior, potential intentions and behavior of Putin."

Acting Vice-President noted that he outlined "the things that may be first to explode" in the world in the coming years for his successor. Biden said that Pence was attentive to his advice.

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