Monday, January 9 2017 20:24 EET
New meteorite falling over Russia captured on video
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No one was injured, no devastations were reported.

A meteorite burned over the Arkhangelsk oblast in northern Russia, 112 TV channel reported.

The eyewitnesses uploaded a video from their video recorder inside a car.

The information was not yet confirmed by Russia's Pulkovo observatory.

There have been no reports about any damage to infrastructure or the injured due to the incident.

Pieces of natural space debris — typically rocky shards of comets or asteroids — occasionally survive their journeys through Earth's atmosphere and strike the ground.

While large impacts are fairly rare, thousands of tiny pieces of space rock, called meteorites, hit the ground each year. Meteoroids are rocky remnants of a comet or asteroid that travel in outer space, but when these objects enter Earth's atmosphere, they are considered meteors. Most (between 90 and 95 percent) of these meteors completely burn up in the atmosphere, resulting in a bright streak that can be seen across the night sky

However, the majority of these events are unpredictable and go unnoticed, but from time to time it could be captured by witnesses. 

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