Friday, January 6 2017 19:17 EET
Defense Ministry refutes information concerning destruction of Ukrainian howitzers by Rusisan trojanized application
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It is noted that the loss of artillery weapons for the time of the ATO are much less and are not related to hacker attacks

Defense Ministry of Ukraine commented on the information about the alleged cyber attack of the artillery software. In a statement, the press service of the Ministry of Defense said that the information that supposedly 80% howitzers D-30 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroyed due to app attack by Russian hackers is not true, 112 TV channel reported.

It is noted that the loss of artillery weapons for the time of the anti-terrorist operation are much less comparing to mentioned and are not linked to hacker attacks.

"Currently, the military part of the missile troops and artillery of the Land Forces of Ukraine is fully combat-ready, equipped and able to perform the tasks as intended", stated in the press service of the Defense Ministry.

Recall American company CrowdStrike released publicly an intelligence report which was circulated to CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence customers detailing the use of the trojanized ‘Попр-Д30.apk’ application by the Ukrainian military and the deadly repercussions inflicted on that platform by Russian forces. The report says that Russian hackers broke into the application Ukrainian artillery, because of which the army lost 80% Ukrainian howitzer D-30.

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