Friday, January 6 2017 18:45 EET
The first President of Ukraine Kravchuk proposed a new recipe of finishig war in Donbas without politicians
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The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk told how to stop the war between Ukraine and Russia, noting that today no one has a "recipe" how to do this, but it is necessary to look for it, according to Echo of Moscow, reported Unian.

"I proposed (and now offer) the Kremlin to determine five people, moral authorities, who have never been in power, in any parties, and anywhere... Just moral authorities. And five such persons from Ukraine. Let them sit down and write a document about what is needed to be done to stop the war and to normalize relations. Not brotherly and friendly, but just human and partnership relations," he said.

He went on to say that the document should be directed to Russian President and the Head of the Ukrainian state, and "let them think how to solve this issue because it is not necessary to think when killing people."

Earlier Savchenko claimed that people in Ukraine, who could finish the war in Donbas within two months, were not in power.

Also Ukrainian Deputy Minister Tuka named potential terms for elections in Donbas.

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