Thursday, January 5 2017 20:00 EET
Savchenko: people in Ukraine, who could finish the war in Donbas within two months, are not in power
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Ukrainian MP Nadiia Savchenko, freed from illegal detention in the Russian Federation, believes that the war in Donbas could be completed within two months.

"...The war, in fact, could be finished, maybe not in one day, but within two months... And even we could win it, even finish, choose the political situation, properly arrange accents, and make honest statements in the first place", reports Unian.

"I do not mean "honest statement," when saying "I'm going to beat you here, and at this time." Of course not. Stratagem is a ruse of war. It's just necessary to correctly determine the state policy in relation to what is happening, and what we will do," she said in an interview with Echo of Moscow. According to Savchenko, there are no people who are willing and able to do so now.

"There are such people in Ukraine for sure, but, unfortunately, they are not in power. So in this situation... For example, I already decided long ago what I'm going to do. Now it is the time when one should just wait, watch and choose the right moment," Savchenko added.

Earlier Poroshenko told about his reaction on Savchenko's talks with Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky.

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