Thursday, January 5 2017 19:45 EET
Director of U.S. Intelligence: next week Russia`s hacker attack motive will be revealed
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Director of National Intelligence General James Clapper promised in the nearest future to name the reason why Russia allegedly conducted hacker attack aiming at intervention in US presedntial elections.

According to U.S. top intelligence official such information becomes public next week, promising to reveal the motive of the crime.

Also James Clapper underlined that the order to carry out the operation came from the highest levels of Russia`s politics, thus Kremlin is directly involved with Democratic party`s hacking.

Russia has not agree with its participation, meanwhile Washington ruled to introduce new sanctions against Russian officials.

A report on foreign meddling in US elections was given to President Barack Obama on Thursday.

President-elect Mr Trump will also get acquainted with the report on Friday.

Asked by a congressman if they "will ascribe a motivation to Putin", Mr Clapper replied "yes, we will ascribe motivation".

In joint testimony prepared for the hearing, officials said Russia had an advanced cyber programme that posed a major threat to a wide range of US interests.

"Russia is a full-scope cyber actor that poses a major threat to US government, military, diplomatic, commercial and critical infrastructure," the testimony said.

Earlier reported Russia's MFA hacked: American computer genius "The Jester" left a warning, claiming that nobody is impressed by alleged Russia`s involvement in computer attacks.

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