Wednesday, January 4 2017 18:58 EET
'The magic forest': Video of frontline battle from Svitlodarsk rim, where Ukrainian soldiers keep their positions
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9 Ukrainian soldiers died since December 18 in Svitlodarsk.

Photojournalist Anatoliy Stepanov prepared video of Svitlodarsk bulge battle fragments. Video was posted on Stepanov’s channel in YouTube.

Earlier it was reported that OSCE evacuated its forward patrol base from Svitlodarsk due to heavy shelling. The artillery attacks hit the area 70 meters away from the building smashing out the windows.

Injured soldiers are in serious condition after Svitlodarsk battle. All the soldiers that come to the Mechnikov hospital are usually with blood losses and need blood transfusions.

Earlier reported Ukrainian troops faced heavy clashes near Debaltsevo - video of artillery and mortars battle.

Also Grad missile systems were deployed near the frontline at the Svitlodarsk rim and ready to be engaged in combat.

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