Thursday, December 29 2016 20:29 EET
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Hard relations with the West may force Russia to leave global Internet
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Putin's adviser said there is a high probability of "tectonic shift" in relations with the West and disconnection of country from global Internet may be the outcome.

Russia must be prepared for the fact that it can be disconnected from the global internet. This was stated by Advisor to the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Internet German Klimenko in an interview with RT, reports 112 TV channel.

"Our country must be prepared for the fact that it can be shut off from the world of the Internet", he said.

According to him, the draft law on the regulation of the Russian segment of the Internet is about the protection of critical infrastructure, located on the territory of Russia.

He gave an example of how the occupied Crimea was cut off from Google and Microsoft services.

"There is a high probability of the tectonic shifts in our relations with the West to the downside. Therefore, our task is to adjust the Russian segment of the Internet to protect from these scenarios. It is important that the e-mails, telegraph, telephone, social networks continued to work in Russia. Critical infrastructure, including a copy of the domain zone must be on our territory, so no one could cut us off. The regulation does not affect the users", he said.

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