Wednesday, December 28 2016 19:54 EET
A flight data recorder from crashed Russian plane showed the possible reason of catastrophe and pilot`s last words
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Data recorder information points to technical fault. According to it the possible reason of plane falling was in faulty wing flaps.

A flight data recorder from the Russian airliner that crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday has revealed that faulty flaps were likely to blame, Uatoday reports.

The flaps, panels on the wings that help lift an aircraft, did not open in sync, a source close to the probe told the private Interfax news agency.

The pro-Kremlin Life news website says this led the pilots to lose control as the plane was at a "critical angle".

It also quoted the crew's last words, including:"The flaps, hell... !" "Commander we're falling!"

The three black box flight recorders from the aircraft were found on Tuesday, Russian news agencies said, amid unconfirmed reports that authorities had grounded all aircraft of the same type. The Defence Ministry confirmed one box had been found, according to Reuters.

The ageing Tu-154 airliner heading to Russia's air force base in Syria came down with the loss of all 92 passengers and crew.

The Defence Ministry says the jet, a Soviet-era plane built in 1983, had last been serviced in September and underwent more major repairs in December 2014.

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