Wednesday, December 28 2016 19:42 EET
Grad missile systems deployed again near the frontline at the Svitlodarsk rim and ready to be engaged in combat
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The enemy missile systems are deployed and ready to be engaged in combat

The pro-Russian militants have deployed the Grad multiple-launch missile systems near the so-called Svitlodarsk rim at the Donbas frontline, Uatoday reports.

"The Svitlodarsk rim remains to be a zone with never-ending shells against our positions, and they increase and decrease in number ever and again," Ukraine's ministry of defence ATO spokesperson Andriy Lysenko said.

Also, the Ukrainian command has the information on the Grad missile systems deployed by the pro-Russian militants in that area of the frontline, but the systems have not been engaged yet, Lysenko also said.

The heavy combat collisions had taken place at the Svitlodarsk rim on December 18-22. The militants made several attempts to seize the Ukrainian position but were pushed back after the severe firefight.

As a result of the clashes near Svitlodarsk, the Ukrainian troops suffered their biggest casualty losses in the past 5 months.

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