Monday, December 19 2016 20:43 EET
'Don't forget Aleppo': Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov killed in Ankara and was hit by 11 bullets in a back - video of incident
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Attacker reportedly talked about the situation in Aleppo after he shot the ambassador.

Russia's ambassador to Ankara has been shot today's evening, on December 19. Andrey Karlov was speaking at an exhibition in the Turkey's capital when he was hit by multiple shots in a back from a close distance, Turkish media say, according to Uatoday.

Russia's FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hastily assured media, that ambassador was shot accidentally. "Today during a public event in Ankara an unknown attacker started firing chaotically, as a result of which the Russian ambassador in Turkey was wounded," she told.

But reports from the scene say the attacker let the guests out of the exhibition venue after the attack, Al Jazeera reports.

A witness talking to Turkey's CNNTurk television said that the attacker was acting alone. "He said that he will not leave this place alive," the attacker said, according to the witness.

The attacker reportedly talked about the situation in Aleppo after he shot the ambassador multiple times.

According to Haaretz, Andrey Karlov didn't survive the accident, and his body already taken to the hospital. Karlov was several minutes into a speech at the embassy-sponsored photo exhibition in the capital when a man wearing a suit and tie shouted "Allahu Akbar" and fired at least eight shots, according to an AP photographer in the audience. The attacker also said some words in Russian and smashed several of the photos hung for the exhibition.

A Hurriet newspaper reporter said the attacker chanted Islamist slogans, including allegedly saying that the shooting was "revenge for Aleppo." Later added, that the attacker reportedly shouted "Don't forget Aleppo! Don't forget Syria! As long as our brothers are not safe, you will not enjoy safety" according to a footage released on Dutch website

The attack comes one day before Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu heads to Moscow for talks on Syria with his Russian and Iranian counterparts, Sergei Lavrov and Javad Zarif, respectively. Çavuşoğlu was on the plane to Moscow during the time of the attack.

Mr. Karlov, who started his career as a diplomat in 1976, worked extensively in North Korea over three decades, before moving to Ankara in 2007, according to a biography on the Russian Embassy's website. He became ambassador in July 2013.

Meanwhile, the attack drew condemnations from both the U.S. and the U.K.

Turkey's state-owned Anadolu Agency said the attacker was killed by the security forces after a gun fight. It also confirmed the death of Russian ambassador. 

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