Friday, December 16 2016 21:06 EET
Turchynov told about his actions in case of Russian full-scale military operation against Ukraine during missile tests: 'There had been no other option'
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Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov says that Ukraine was ready to counter any Russian provocation during the testing of new Ukrainian missiles near Russia-occupied Crimea, according to UNIAN.

He said that had Russia launched missile bombardment of Ukrainian missile launchers amid the drills, an appropriate response would have followed.

"We would have defended the country. There had been no other option. We would have acted according to the situation. Several scenarios had been worked out. We were ready to counter any provocation. For example, presently, the Russian regime is massing its troops not only in Crimea, but along the entire border with Ukraine. At any time, they can cross the border and launch an offensive. We must be prepared," Turchynov said. 

In his words, Ukraine does not see appeasement as an option. 

"There is no way to go back, we've got no alternative but to defend our country. We will be fighting. The Russians are well aware of that. The situation is different now – it's not the beginning of 2014. They won't be able to invade Ukraine and get away with it. They understand that in case of a full-scale military operation, their losses will be much higher than their gains," he said.

Earlier reported  Ukraine had carried out control flight tests of 16 midrange anti-aircraft missiles. Also the target and map of missile drills near the western Crimea coast were announced.

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