Friday, December 16 2016 20:57 EET
Visa-free regime for Ukraine postponed again: date of consideration disappeared from European Parliament’s website
Visa-free regime, Ukraine, postponed, date,  European Parliament, website, liberalization, April 3, 2017

Initially the date was April 3, 2017.

The information about the date of consideration of visa-free regime for Ukraine has disappeared from the official website of the European Parliament, according to 112 TV channel.

Previously, the listed date was April 3, 2017. For the time being there is no relevant information on the website.

As it was reported earlier, European Parliament postponed consideration of Ukraine’s visa liberalization until April.

Also EU Ambassadors gave "green light" for visa liberalization and simultaneously connected it to the new suspension mechanism.

Martin Schulz claimed European Parliament`s majority was ready to provide the visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

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