Friday, December 16 2016 20:47 EET
Cost of the war: What sums Russia is spending on war campaign in Syria?
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​The Russian media has learned how expensive the Kremlin's war in Syria is.

The military operation in Syria costs at least USD 2,5 million each day from Russia's state budget, the RBK agency has learned, reports Uatoday.

According to the report, Russia deploys approximately 1600 servicemen in Syria, including marine forces, pilots, mariners, two airfield and radio technical support battalions, office corps, air defence and radioelectronic warfare crews and civilian personnel.

Taking into account the fact that the Russian military spends 600-800 roubles (USD 10-13) per day on nutrition for servicemen, approximately 1 million roubles (USD 16,500) per day is spent on food for the whole Russian contingent.

Besides, an average cost of 1 hour of jet fighter sortie would constitute up to 7 million roubles (USD 113,500), the agency notes, adding that a missile strike against Syrian targets from the Caspian Sea might have cost USD 20-60 million.

Russia intervened in the war in Syria on September 30, 2015, on the Bashar al-Assad regime side. At least 23 Russian servicemen have been killed in Syria so far.

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