Friday, December 16 2016 20:40 EET
All concerns satisfied: Dutch government approves draft bill on ratification to unblock EU-Ukraine association agreement
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The bill on Ukraine is to be filed to the Dutch parliament.

The Dutch government approved a draft bill on ratification of the Ukraine-EU association agreement, Uatoday reports.

The corresponding bill must be supported by the House of Representatives and the Senate, the country's prime ministerMark Rutte wrote on his Facebook page, adding that the association also needs to be ratified amid Russia's threatening stability and security of the EU, and that the failure would be 'the best gift' for Vladimir Putin.

As reported previously, the European Council agreed on a decision for finishing the ratification of the association agreement with Ukraine.

The EU leaders approved a document of six paragraphs, taking into account the Dutch concerns that had effectively blocked the ratification after the April referendum in The Netherlands. The updated association agreement establishes long-term and close ties based on the common values of the EU and Ukraine, although provides no candidacy status for joining EU in the future.

Also, the European Union noted that it is not guaranteeing Ukraine's security and does not assume obligations to provide any military aid to it. And finally, the document underlines that Ukrainians will not be entitled to work and live in the EU after the association agreement enters into force.

With these concessions, the EU and Ukraine leaders hope to unblock the agreement ratification in the Netherlands in the near future.

Earlier reported EU highly praised Ukraine for implementation of reforms and marked a progress. 

also Dutch PM Rutte said that ratification of the Ukraine-EU treaty was still possible.

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