Wednesday, December 14 2016 20:56 EET
Forbes ranks Russian president 'world's most powerful person' for the fourth time
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In the past years, Russian president have always got what he wants, says Forbes.

Russian president Vladimir Putin headlined the Forbes world's most powerful people list in 2014 for the fourth time in 16 years of his being in office.

"For the fourth consecutive year, Forbes ranked Russian President Vladimir Putin as the world's most powerful person. From the motherland to Syria to the U.S. presidential elections, Russia's leader continues to get what he wants," the journal notes.

The U.S. president-elect Donald Trump was ranked second most influential person in the world, while German chancellor Angela Merkel possessed the third line.

The Forbes world's most powerful persons list is formed according to an influence a certain leader makes on event in the world, in the editorial's opinion. 

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