Wednesday, December 14 2016 20:51 EET
Secret document states NATO is ready to intervene Balkans
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The Alliance is ready to prevent new ethnic wars from unleashing in the Balkans, the secret documents says.

NATO is ready to intervene in the situation in the Balkans if necessary to prevent interethnic conflicts and to strengthen security and stability in the region, the Croatian outlet Vecernji list reports, referring to the alliance document obtained by journalists, Uatoday reports.

The appropriate policy statement was approved by the NATO nations foreign ministers in December 2016, the outlet says.

Among other challenges in the Balkans, Russia's destabilising policy, rising extremism and radicalisation by former Syria and Iraq militants are mentioned as the biggest threats in the region.

According to the document, about 260 Islamist fighters from Bosnia and Herzegovina can get back home after being involved in combat by the Islamic State and Al Quaeda in Syria and Iraq.

Russia is mentioned as conducting influence policy on the Serbian population of the region, together with investing into the region's energy sector and media.

NATO totally supports Euro-Atlantic integration path for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also favours normalisation of Kosovo-Serbian relations. 

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