Wednesday, December 14 2016 20:39 EET
IS militants showed enormous stores of weapons in captured Russian base in Palmyra - video of tanks, storming Syrian positions
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The Islamic States militants gained huge salvage from abandoned Russian base

A video footage published on YouTube shows Russian military base in Palmyra captured by the Islamists, Uatoday reports.

According to reports, the camp had been hurriedly abandoned by Russian personnel just before the IS successfully regained control of the ancient city on December 10.

The video demonstrates enormous stores of weapons, ammo and other military hardware left behind by the Russian personnel to the ultraradical Islamists.

Russia's withdrawal from the base was seemingly so urgent, that the personnel also left even some part of the food and personal belongings - books, bank cards, clothes etc.

The video demonstrates no evidence of combat clash that could take place between Russian servicemen and the IS militants, so the base in Palmyra together with all its weapons, vehicles and supplies, had been seemingly given up to Islamists.

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