Tuesday, December 13 2016 21:04 EET
Syrian forces are taking full control over Aleppo - Reuters
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Rebel forces have been practically driven from Aleppo, source say

The Syrian pro-government forces have taken full control over all the Aleppo districts abandoned by rebel forces during their retreat from the city, the Reuters agency reports on Tuesday, referring to its military resources, Uatoday reported.

On Monday, the country's army and their allied forces had advanced into more than half of rebel-controlled territory in Eastern Aleppo, reducing it twice to a few districts on the west bank of the Queiq River.

According to other sources, the regime forces have taken control over 98% of the previously rebel-held territory of the city, with 11 more districts recaptured overnight on Tuesday. By morning, rebel forces were still controlling less that 3% of their enclave, a battle for which had been raging on since 2012.

After series of all-out shelling and assaults, the rebels were reported as having retreated from the devastated city blocks and established new frontline positions along the river banks.

Also, thousands of civilians are reported to have fled the city amid hostilities, carrying what possessions they could carry and some pushing relatives in wheelchairs before a heavy rainstorm began in the night.

After days of intense bombardment of rebel-held areas, the rate of shelling and air strikes dropped considerably late on Monday and through the night, a Reuters reporter in the city says.

The Syrian pro-government forces have begun celebrating their victory in the long-lasting and slaughterous battle for Aleppo, a strategically important city in the country's north-west. The fighters used to celebrate their victory by shooting into the air in triumph.

Earlier reported  rebels had launched a massive offensive to unblock the city - video.

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