Tuesday, December 13 2016 20:49 EET
Russian servicemen fired for refusing to fight in Syria, despite additional payments and other benefits
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12 Chechen soldiers allegedly fired for refusing to go to Syria, but there are enough volunteers despite that, a source says.

12 Russian servicemen, stationed at the Khankala military base near Chechnya's capital Grozny, have reportedly been discharged after they refused to be deployed to Syria, a source in the Chechen Interior Ministry told local news agency Kavkaz Uzel, Uatoday reports.

The Defense Ministry has terminated the contracts with the soldiers, all of whom are reported to be local residents.

At the same time the source claims that there are ‘more than enough' volunteers who want get involved in the Syrian war, saying additional payments and other benefits are a good motivator.

Earlier Russian media said that Chechen forces would be sent to Syria, the Middle-Eastern state for military policing and guarding the Russian Hmeimim air base.

The fact caused controversy among the local people and religious figures. A Chechen Imam lashed out against the so called volunteers.

‘Those who succumbed to the ISIL propaganda and the soldiers, who go to Syria for money, commit a terrible sin before God', he said.

Others actively supported the Chechen servicemen in comments on social media.

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