Tuesday, December 13 2016 19:51 EET
BMP-1UMD ‘Myslyvets’ (‘Hunter’): fire control system that automatically detects and tracks targets
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UOP SE ”Zhytomyr Armored Plant” demonstrated capabilities of advanced digital fire control system, installed on a modernized version of BMP-1UMD, named “Myslyvets’”.

This system can automatically detect and track targets and is one of the elements of robotic combat modules. This system allows BMP-1UMD to be used not only as a means of transportation and fire support, but as an autonomous remote controlled unit. Besides, ” Myslyvets’” is equipped with a German engine, advanced combat module with cannon/missile armament and visibility-reducing complex.

BMP-1UMD “Hunter” – despite the freezing rain – participated in shooting at a proving ground in Kyiv region. Senior officials of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine observed vehicular firing.

The use of robotic combat modules has many advantages. For example, they allow significantly reduce opening fire time, as the system can independently detect the target and keep it in sight, waiting for the command. Remote control allows the operator to be in a remote position, while fighting unit is monitoring the defense line round-the-clock, “- said Oleksiy Babich, director of UOP SE”Zhytomyr Armored Plant “, commenting on the benefits of the given development.

It should be noted that unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom” – represented by UOP SE “Spetstehnoeksport” – showed its combat capabilities on same day.

The first public premiere of BMP-1UMD ” Myslyvets’” took place during the international exhibition “Arms and Security,” held in October this year in Kyiv.

Earlier reported “Phantom” demonstrated its combat capabilities during freezing rain - video.

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