Tuesday, December 6 2016 20:49 EET
Ukrainian coastal guard might confiscate foreign vessel after an unauthorized visit of Crimean port
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Sky Moon, the arrested vessel, currently stays in Reni port, Odesa region, - State Border Guard

Ukraine could confiscate Sky Moon, the foreign cargo ship, which entered a seaport in the Russian-occupied Crimea. This was considered an unauthorized access; the vessel and its crew were detained and brought to Reni port, Odesa region, southern Ukraine. The country’s State Border Guard reported this on Tuesday, according to 112 TV channel.

On November 30, the Sky Moon’s captain ignored the demands of the Ukrainian coastal guard to stop the vessel and allow inspectors to search the ship. The captain attempted engineers to imitate the breakdown of the vessel; then, he tried to set the ship aground so as to make it impossible for the ship to move, and thus impossible to take it to the Ukrainian port. However, all of his intentions failed.

After the ship was brought to the Reni port, Ukrainian military prosecutors arrived to conduct the investigation in this case, which has been sent to the court, too.

The captain and his crew could either pay fine or serve 15 days-long detention.

Earlier reported hackers had broken into a web camera in Crimea and turned on Ukrainian anthem at the session.

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