Tuesday, December 6 2016 20:34 EET
Russia urges to announce the amnesty for Donbas militants by Christmas to stop conflict
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Russia supports the all-out prisoner exchange, the Russian representative for Minsk process says, according to Uatoday.

The Russian representative for The Triliteral contact group on Ukraine in Minsk Borys Gryzlov has called on the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to accelerate implementing the humanitarian part of the Minsk agreements on the Donbas conflict settlement and to announce the amnesty for Donbas Russian-backed militant by Christmas.

"It would be a serious step toward the conflict settlement," Gryzlov said in an interview.

Also, the Russian representative says he supports the all-for-all prisoner-of-war exchange.

"Besides, this releasing must be accompanied by amnesty, in order to prevent the discharged from being detained again," he said.

Also, Gryzlov noted that the narrow success has been obtained in pulling back troops near the zones of Zolotoye and Petrovske, but no progress has been reached near the frontline town of Stanitsa Luhanska.

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