Tuesday, December 6 2016 20:12 EET
Donbas militants` warlord Zakharchenko calls Russia for invasion of Britain to start the golden age - video
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Donbas warlord wants to invade Europe, including Britain, and regain what Russia has lost in the Crimean War

The Donbas militants warlord Olexander Zakharchenko said that Russia and its proxies must invade not only Kyiv and Berlin, but also Great Britain.

"I'm not talking of Kyiv. Actually, even Berlin is not enough to invade. We've got to pass through and capture Britain as such. All the evil of our Russian destiny is the Anglo-Saxons," the pro-Russian collaborator leader claimed in an interview published on YouTube.

He also said that after invading Britain, Russia's golden age will come.

Earlier reported Lavrov and Russia would encourage the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics to act in a constructive way.

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