Friday, December 2 2016 20:31 EET
​Russian warship 'Pytlivy' blocked the Ukrainian border control boat in the Black Sea
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Russian warship blocked Ukrainian drilling platforms from border guards.

The Russian patrol vessel 'Pytlivy' has blocked the Ukrainian border control boat 'Hrigoriy Kuropiatnykov' from approaching the Ukrainian drilling platforms in the Black Sea, the Maritime Border Guard staff Igor Zviahintsev told a press conference in Odesa, the Uatoday reports.

On December 1, the Russian warship stemmed the Ukrainian vessel's way to a drilling platform situated within the Ukrainian exclusive economic zone in the Black Sea near Odesa.

Those drilling platforms were captured by Russia during the Crimea annexation in 2014.

The border guard vessel was informed that the Russian side imposed the 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) wide safety zone, despite the international maritime law stating the 500 metres range limit for safety zones and Ukraine's lawful rights on these plants.

The Russian ship was conducting dangerous manoeuvres that could have provoked an accident, the Ukrainian officer said.

Also, the Ukrainian border control officers noticed several gunmen on the Russian-seized platforms, the border control official Victor Babiuk said, adding that those people always hide inside the platform structures when having noticed the Ukrainian guards.

The UN maritime convention forbids the presence of armed personnel on platforms at sea, he also stressed. 

Earlier reported Russia had deployed combined arms contingent for drills in a strategic vector near Ukrainian border.

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