Friday, December 2 2016 19:59 EET
Tuka claims Donbas militants are ready to start riot inside occupied territory
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Tuka states that 30% of Donbas militants are Ukrainians and they are not pleased with current situation. The lesser number of locals in Donbas are ready to fight vs Ukraine – the more armed Russians come to the region.

Ukrainian officials get requests from militant-held Donbas to support the revolt against Russian proxies. Such information was revealed today by Ukrainian volunteer and deputy Minister of Occupied Territories, former head of Luhansk Regional State Administration Georgy Tuka, reports Uatoday.

"This is a serious problem, because I have the information that even now, theoretically, there is a possibility to raise an uprising inside. But there is a great likelihood that this uprising will be drowned in the blood by all that junk that came from outside (from Russia). And there are serious doubts that we will be able to support the rebellion," Tuka said.

Deputy Minister said that at the moment only 30% of all militants are Ukrainian citizens, the rest are Russians. According to Ukrainian data, there are about 30 thousand militants on Donbas, supported by 5-7 thousand Russian regular army troops.

He also added that he had met with representatives of the two territories that wish to raise a rebellion.

"I urged them not to get too excited. Because there is a negative experience in the Warsaw Uprising during World War II. The organizers counted on the help of the Red Army, which did not come, so the uprising was suppressed. To avoid his in our country, we need to hold back now," Deputy Minister explained.

According to his data, Ukrainian army is strong enough to fight off any enemy offensive, but may lack the means for effective attack. 

Earlier Belarusian Donbas militant told about Plotnitsky`s criminal orders to shell Luhansk city from mortars to sow panic.

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