Thursday, December 1 2016 20:31 EET
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Russian space truck "Progress" lost radio connection six minutes after the launch and collapsed - video captures debris falling
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The Progress space truck mission ended up unsuccessfully, media report

The Russian space truck "Progress" has reportedly failed to reach the projected orbit and collapsed after having lost radio connection with the Earth, the Uatoday reports.

The space vessel seemingly won't arrive at the International Space Station.

"Taking into account that the launch rocket's third stage has worked out insufficient timing, the vehicle is likely to have crashed somewhere near China or the Pacific," the source told.

Later reported that debris of the collapsed vehicle are reported to have impacted the Earth in the remote Russian autonomous republic of Tuva north-west of the Mongolian border.

The truck might have unfastened off the carrier rocket, but then it started getting down and eventually burned down in the atmosphere.

The "Progress" space truck had been launched with the "Sojuz-U" rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It was meant to deliver 2,5 tonnes of cargo for the International Space Station, including fuel, water and air, science equipment and gear, food, clothes, drugs and personal cleansing for the station's crew.

Meanwhile, Russian force authorities confirmed the crash to media.

The Roscosmos press service stressed that the loss of the cargo ship will not affect the routine operations of the ISS and the crew. A state commission currently analyzes the incident.

Roscosmos also reported  it had lost telemetry exchange with the Progress MS-04 space freighter some six minutes after the launch on board a Soyuz carrier rocket.

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