Thursday, December 1 2016 20:04 EET
Ukraine carries out control flight tests of 16 midrange anti-aircraft missiles - video of launch impressed
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The Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out a practical phase of control flight tests of midrange anti-aircraft missiles in Kherson oblast.

Chief of General Staff General V.Muzhenko observed the tests.

This event is aimed at gaining combat experience of use of anti-aircraft missile systems, inspecting quality of renewed ammunition, working out practical tasks with combat and simulated launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles. The first day of Ukraine's missile-firing exercises ended up being successful.

The armed forces of Ukraine exercise guided missiles launches on BP-3 "Reis" drones imitating the cruise missile flight.

"Today in the morning, we held the military drills in the southern Ukraine, launching the medium-ranged guided missiles. The missiles have confirmed their combat qualities and hit their targets precisely. The missile systems that we are now testing, can successfully hit both air and waterborne targets," the National Security and Defence Council chairman Olexander Turchinov claimed after the drills. 

All security measures were taken before the tests. The missile tests are carried out in the airspace of Ukraine over the open sea in accordance with all the international norms.

"16 missiles have been launched, each of them hit their targets. A mission for today has been totally fulfilled," the president's press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko wrote on his Facebook page.

Next round of the exercises will be held on December 2.

Earlier reported Poroshenko named the only reason of guided anti-aircraft missiles testing near Crimea. 

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