Wednesday, November 30 2016 20:57 EET
Russia reacts on Ukraine’s intention to carry out missile drills near Crimea with Antey-2500 anti-aircraft missile system deployment - video spotted weapons movement
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In the afternoon of November 29, movement of Russian military convoys was recorded in the occupied city of Kerch (Crimea).

Deployment in the occupied Crimea of S-300VM Antey-2500 anti-aircraft missile system may be associated with an attempt to disrupt the Ukrainian missile tests over the Black Sea, scheduled for December 1-2, UNIAN reports.

The activists from the international OSINT community InformNapalm identified the anti-aircraft missile complex among other military equipment spotted in military convoys across the occupied Crimean peninsula November 29.

"Due to the deployment of the S-300VM in Crimea directly ahead of the missile tests scheduled by the Ukrainian side, two likely scenarios of Russia’s actions are considered: the Russian Federation plans to shoot down a Ukrainian missile; Russia is plotting a provocation involving a downing of a passenger plane and further accusation of the Ukrainian side with reference to the missile tests," reads a statement. 

"Antey-2500" is an air defense system with the ability to counter small and medium range ballistic missiles (up to 2,500 km). Also, it is designed to engage hi end warplanes (including those constructed with "Stealth" technology), medium range ballistic missiles, tactical missiles, cruise missiles, and aeroballistic missiles.

Recall Ukraine announced the target and map of missile drills near the western Crimea coast – launch suspension is not planned.

Also Defense Ministry of Ukraine claims it expects Russia’s missile strike in response to Ukrainian missile drills.

Earlier reported, Ukraine tested a new missile launcher ‘Grom’: characteristics are classified.

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