Wednesday, November 30 2016 20:35 EET
Defense Ministry expects Russia’s missile strike in response to Ukrainian missile drills
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At the same time Defense Ministry does not seem to intend to cancel military drills

Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Dublian admitted that Russia can implement its threat to launch a missile and hit in the case if Ukraine conducts the planned missile firing exercises over the Black Sea on December 1-2, 112 TV channel reported.

"Based on their actions over the years, one can expect a lot of wrong and negative actions from Russia", said the Deputy Minister.

He noted that he was informed about the note to Ukrainian military attaché in connection with the planned firing. "I think that today we will have official information," the deputy minister said.

However, Dublian stressed that the missile launches were planned in accordance with all the international norms.

"The dates of the shooting were identified – December 1 and December 2. I reiterate: we do not violate any international norms, including the conduct of these firings," he said.

 Dublian did not answer on the direct question whether Ukraine will cancel the planned shooting.

Last week the Russian Defense Ministry invited an attaché for defense affairs at the Ukrainian embassy to Russia to hand a military and diplomatic note to him due to Ukraine's plans to hold missile drills near Crimea. According to by the Russian Federal Agency of Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya), on November 24, Kyiv issued a NOTAM (a notice to airmen) regarding increased-danger zones in the airspace due to the missile drills planned on December 1 and December 2.

Earlier reported, Ukraine announced the target and map of missile drills near the western Crimea coast – launch suspension is not planned.

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