Wednesday, November 30 2016 20:27 EET
Ukraine announced the target and map of missile drills near the western Crimea coast – launch suspension is not planned
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Test launches of new Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles over Black Sea led to confrontation with Russia

Today, on Nov. 30, the Ukrainian Air Forces announced the continuation of preparations for tomorrow's "test flights of anti-aircraft missiles of average range, which will take place in the south of Ukraine", Uatoday reports. 

The crews of combat and transport aircrafts, air defence units and radio troops, signal corps and unmanned aircrafts will be engaged in the drills.

"As part of the tests, in order to gain combat experience using anti-aircraft missile systems and to check the quality of remanufactured products, military subservient units of anti-aircraft missile troops will work on practical combat (emulated) tasks with launching of anti-aircraft missiles at air targets – drones of VR-3 Reis type," Air Forces' statement reads.

Andriy Klymenko, the chief editor of BlackSeaNews (Ukrainian media writing on maritime issues) clarifies, that tomorrow or the day after Ukrainian Air Force will launch missiles near the western coast of the Russia-occupied Crimea.

"As a target old Soviet Tu-143 drone of VR-3 Reis complex will be launched, and it will be shot down by the new guided anti-aircraft missiles... Characteristics of the drone: wingspan – 2.24 m, length – 8.06 m, weight – 1230 kg. Cruising speed – 950 km/h. Practical operating range – 180 km. Practical ceiling – 1000 m," journalist wrote on Facebook and published the map of the launch area.

Also reported Ukraine's armed forces will conduct military exercises on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with its plan, despite any threat, spokesman for the Defense Ministry for anti-terrorist operation matters Andriy Lysenko has said.

"With regard to some threats and the like, they cannot interfere with the plans of the armed forces of Ukraine and the designers of military weapons which will be carried out on the territory of a sovereign Ukraine," Lysenko said at a briefing on Wednesday commenting on media reports about the threats by the Russian Defense Ministry to launch a missile strike if Ukraine holds exercises near Crimea.

"We have a national territory of Ukraine, where we will carry out all the tests and drills and no one will tell to us what to do here," the Defense Ministry's spokesman said.

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