Tuesday, November 29 2016 21:11 EET
Belarusian Donbas militant: told about Plotnitsky`s criminal orders to shell Luhansk city from mortars to sow panic
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Mercenary on how he ended up in eastern Ukraine, role of Russian army in Donbas and his free movement to Belarus and back despite Lukashenko's threats to prosecute militants.

In an interview with Belarusian edition of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty a LPR [self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic] militant from the Belarusian city of Bobruisk gave an account of criminal orders to shell Luhansk city, issued by the LPR head Ihor Plotnitsky, recounted the key role of Russian military in seizure of Donbas territories and told about his unimpeded movement to Belarus and back to eastern Ukraine despite president Alexander Lukashenko's pledge to prosecute mercenaries regardless of the side they fight on, reports Uatoday.

The 43-year-old reconnaissance platoon commander Sergey Bondar started his eastern Ukraine ‘career' in 2014 when he fought in the militant "Zarya" battalion. In a short space of time he found out that Luhansk militants shelled the city themselves.

"Two mortar rounds came from the foliage just in front of us. We were right there and started to comb the bushes. Two mortar men were just near us, they started to run – we opened fire," Bondar recalled.

"Then came a phone call, from Ihor Plotnitsky personally, he was the minister of defence at the time. He orders to immediately return to base. I say: "We are about to take them! And he shouts: This is an order, go back right now!" added the Belarusian fighter.

After they returned Plotnitsky ordered them to surrender weapons.

"Even before we had a suspicion that the mortar men were Plotnitsky's people. It was necessary to fire to sow panic. Mortar men were all former policemen from Luhansk. They were specially trained operating mortars, and they knew the city like their bunch of fives. They moved around Luhansk by ambulances, water carriers, by any vehicle," said Sergey Bondar.

After the incident, the Belarusian mercenary joined the so-called "Batman" rapid response group [its commander Alexander Bednov was liquidated on January 1, 2015] where he got more evidence of LPR militants' involvement in Luhansk shelling.

Earlier reported that Ukrainian army created a "kettle" for militants in Dokuchaievsk city and ready to liberate it within two hours.

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