Monday, November 28 2016 19:55 EET
Ukrainian army created a "kettle" for militants in Dokuchaievsk city and ready to liberate within two hours
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The majority of Dokuchaievsk residents confess the life in united Ukraine was way better.

Ukraine's army is waiting for the command and claims it has almost created a "kettle" where Russian proxies can lose control over the whole city of Dokuchaievsk.

Soldiers of the 30th brigade have recently destroyed two artillery systems and a new Russian radar locator there.

The city of Dokuchaievsk does not resemble any other city across the Donbas heath. It is surrounded by high spoil tips like a mountain chain. When militants tried to seize them, they were highly surprised the tips were controlled by Ukraine's ATO forces. On all three sides, the city is under fire control of 30th brigade of Ukraine's Armed Forces - a hop skip and a jump away from a full encirclement.

If the command was announced, militants would be encircled and within two hours Dokuchaievsk would be Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian positions are located at the tips around the city and the front avoids it crescent.

According to Valeriy Lubinets, head of Volnovakha regional council, under the Minsk deal, territory belongs to Ukraine, it is Ukrainian city. 

"All ask why it still hasn't been freed. Locals want it to be liberated as soon as possible".

There is no work and prices are 5-6 times higher than in Ukraine and at the checkpoint near Dokuchaievsk people wait in lines for hours to leave the occupied territory for pensions and goods.

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