Sunday, November 27 2016 22:18 EET
Juncker sees no arguments for lifting sanctions against Russia
Jean-Claude Juncker, sanctions against Russia,

He also believes that US President Barack Obama's assessment of Russia as a regional power - is "a big mistake"

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sees no arguments in favor of the immediate lifting of sanctions against Russia. He stated this in an interview with Euronews.

However, he believes that the EU should make a deal with Russia, which would go "beyond the usual framework." "Without Russia, it is impossible to build a safety in Europe. The EU covers an area of 5.5 million square kilometers, and the area of Russia - is 17.5 million ", said Juncker.

He also believes that the US President Barack Obama assessment of Russia as a regional power - is "a big mistake".

"Russia is not as President Obama said," a regional power ". Such an assessment is a big mistake" - said Juncker.

At the same time, Ukraine supports the extension of sanctions for a year, instead of six months.

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