Sunday, November 27 2016 22:12 EET
Fires in Israel liquidated, Ukrainian aircraft return home today, - Ambassador
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Fires in Israel were eliminated, today Ukrainian aircraft returns home in the evening. This was reported on "112 Ukraine" TV channel by Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Gennady Nadolenko.

"Yesterday last fires were already extinguished. Some fire was still there in the morning, but they managed to quickly locate and eliminate it," he said. - reports

According to Nadolenko, consequences of the catastrophe are shocking as of today. "According to preliminary calculations, the losses are estimated at more than half a billion shekels. 180 people are in the hospital, 560 houses and more than 1.7 thousand apartments burned. 1.7 thousand people don’t have a roof over their head today," he said.

Nadolenko noted that the Israeli government ordered to allocate aid to victims of fires, but the amount of funds which will be allocated from the state treasury of Israel is still unknown.

"Unfortunately, the fire was set manually. A number of persons were detained. They managed to arrest four people," ambassador added.

Nadolenko stressed that the assistance of Ukraine in extinguishing fires in Israel was very appropriate. "Our aircraft have been very effective, they made flights to the most remote areas. They are going home tonight," he said.

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