Wednesday, November 23 2016 21:01 EET
Europarliament takes steps to counteract Russian propaganda within Europe: the biggest threats named
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The EU is to resist Russian propaganda with supporting freedom of media

The European parliament passed a resolution on counteracting Russia's state-sponsored propaganda, the Deutsche Welle reports on Wednesday, according to Uatoday.

The Russian government practices a wide range of instruments, such as thinktanks, foundations and special state agencies, multilingual media broadcasters, pseudo news agencies and multimedia services, international social and religious groups, social networks and internet trolls to question the democratic values, to sow discord within Europe, to gain support inside and to make the EU Eastern Partnership nations state institutions seem incapable, the document says.

"The Russian World" foundation, the Rossotrudnichestvo agency, Russia Today news channel and the Sputnik website are mentioned among the biggest threats.

394 europarlamentarians supported the bill, while 179 objected and 208 abstained. The EU intends to shield itself from Russian propaganda by supporting free media and enlightening, not practising the counterpropaganda, the officials say.

The Russian authorities are waging propaganda against the EU nations and Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

To withstand pressure, the European Parliament call on the European Commission and EU member states to increase financing the EU democratic institutions, supporting freedom of media in Russia and The Western Partnership countries. In particular, the extended financing for the European Foundation for Democracy, the European Institution for Democracy and Human Rights, the EaP Media Freedom Watch and other organisations. 

Earlier Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK asked London to tackle Kremlin-backed propagandist, British national Graham Phillips.

Also Russia Today has been under the investigation by Ofcom - British media-regulator.

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