Wednesday, November 23 2016 20:34 EET
Debaltseve back: In Trilateral group Ukraine demands returning to the agreed-upon demarcation line for disengagement process
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Withdrawal of forces in Donbas is possible if Russian proxies return to agreed demarcation line

During the safety subgroup session of Trilateral group in Minsk Ukraine has once again raised the question of returning to the demarcation line of September 19, 2014, according to which town of Debaltseve should be under control of Ukraine, Uatoday reports.

"Further implementation of the framework decision on the disengagement of forces and equipment may occur after the demilitarization of Debaltseve," Darka Olifer, the spokesperson of Ukraine's envoy to the Minsk talks Leonid Kuchma informed.

If Russian proxies would comply the regime of silence disengagement of forces near the village of Stanytsya Luhanska can be carried out starting on November 26, 2016.

Also Trilateral contact group decided to ask Victor Medvedchuk and representatives of militants about perspectives of release of Ukrainians, illegally detained by Russia and its proxies.

In economic subgroup Ukraine delivered a number of important issues, like absence of agreements on water supply, which Kyiv still gives to militant-held areas, and opening the new checkpoint village of Zolote, which is still under militant fire.

Earlier Poroshenko's office named Russia goals in Donbas: from federalization of Ukraine to the restoration of the Soviet Union.

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