Thursday, November 17 2016 21:14 EET
Alexandr Lukashenko: Minsk ready to organize local election in Donbas and to bring order in the 400-km long border
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‘We’re ready to play any role to bring peace there,’ Belarusian president noted.

Belarus is ready to assist Ukraine in organizing and holding the local election in Donbas. Belta news agency quoted him as saying, 112 TV channel reported.

‘If the conflicting parties in Donbas would like Belarus to act, we are ready to play any part just to bring peace there. If they want us to organize local elections, the fair ones, the elections they talk about so much now…we’re ready to do that. If you want to bring order in the 400-km long sector of the Ukraine-Russia border – please, we’ll do that. But only as long as you want it,’ he said.

Luhaskenko added Belarusians should not be treated as mere strangers who just watch the conflict and remain idle. ‘It’s not Syria, after all. We take in many guys with ammo trying to cross the border. Besides, there are some Belarusians fighting on the both sides of the conflict,’ he said.

Also Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says the situation in Ukraine has brought many problems to Belarus, including a surge in illegal flows of weapons and explosives.

"We have put our back into sealing 1,200 km of the border with Ukraine, because there are flows of weapons, explosives. We stop them not only on the border but also at the railway station. It's very difficult for us," he said.

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