Thursday, November 17 2016 20:52 EET
Russia deployed combined arms contingent for drills in a strategic vector near Ukrainian border
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Russian drills near Ukrainian border are up to schedule.

The Russian defence ministry alarmed its combined arms contingent deployed near Ukrainian border, Uatoday reported.

The 20th army's of the Russia's Western military region conducted the memetic warfare exercises in Voronezh, Briansk and Belgorod regions.

"The drills were planned to exercise a military operation in a strategic vector with the wide range of engagement options. The command units are to show the ability to assess the situation operatively, to accept right decisions and provide a constant and sustainable command in dynamic circumstances," the defence department informs.

The Russian military personnel will work out the information sharing with automized control unit, as well as specify guiding schemes during the preparation of combat operations and troops leading during them, the agency was informed.

The present exercises are held according to the plan for training of the Western military region troops in 2016. 

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