Thursday, November 17 2016 20:34 EET
Two Russian landing ships entered the Mediterranean to support Russian troops in Syria
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On the 16th of November, a large landing ship of the Russian Northern Fleet, the Georgii Pobedonosets, heading for Syria with cargo, entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Black Sea Straits, according to Istanbul information portals containing photos of its passage through the Bosphorus.

According to British websites, a large landing ship of the Baltic Fleet, the Korolev, also entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Straits of Gibraltar, Uawire reported.

It is expected that both landing ship are heading to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the logistics station of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea is located, in order to deliver their cargoes. After completion of the trip to Syria, both landing ships are expected to go to the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol.

It’s the ninth trip of the Georgii Pobedonosets landing ship to Syria this year. As previously reported, a large ship of the Baltic Fleet, the Alexander Shabalin went through the Black Sea Straits on its way to Syria. On the 10th of November, a large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet, the Nikolay Filchenkov also entered the Mediterranean Sea.

Georgii Pobedonosets landing ship

Korolev landing ship

According to media reports, landing ships and auxiliary vessels of the Russian Navy are participating in the operation, whose main objective is the delivery of ammunition for the Russian air group at the Hmeymin airbase and the Syrian Government Armed Forces.

Earlier reported UK naval destroyers were escorting Russian vessels in the English Channel on their route to Syria. 

Also reported about new airstrikes on Aleppo that had brought new destructions.

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