Wednesday, November 16 2016 20:39 EET
Dreadful and precise weapon: Ukraine successfully tests its new missile - video
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It's a dreadful, precise Ukrainian weapon, says the presidential adviser Yuriy Biriukov.

Ukraine has successfully tested a newly constructed high-precise missile on Wednesday, the country's president adviser Yuriy Biriukov reports.

The missile has been totally constructed in Ukraine. During the preliminary tests, it successfully hit the aiming mark 60 kilometres away from its location point.

Earlier reported about testing of mortars KBA-48M1 and “Molot” M at the firing ground.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is pleased with the result of intermediate tests of the new Ukrainian missile, saying the result is impressive. The Head of the Ukrainian state wrote this on his page on Facebook. President also thanked all those who worked on the project.

"I received the good news with the new Ukrainian missile test. All the launches today were successful. The result is impressive: at the firing range of 60 kilometers the missile showed very high accuracy", said Poroshenko.

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