Tuesday, November 15 2016 21:01 EET
Mass protests in Kyiv: participants with non-lethal traumatic weapons and a daily compensation ranging from UAH 70 to UAH 125
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Crowds of people were marching through the central Kyiv as they protest against the Ukrainian government on Tuesday, November 15. Mass rallies in Kyiv ended with no incidents. Police have unblocked traffic in Kyiv’s central streets, closed up this morning from 6 a.m. local time, which caused huge traffic jams in the central Kyiv during the rush hour in relation to mass rallies to ensure the security of citizens, UNIAN reported.

Traffic has been restored on Hrushevskoho street and Khreshchatyk.

A number of central streets of Kyiv were closed up for traffic in connection with the terrorist threat, while part of the government quarter was fenced off. 

Police also reported they prevented several registered holders of non-lethal traumatic weapons from entering the area of mass rallies.

Among protesters were deceived depositors and pensioners, who were picketing the governmental buildings, some say the rallies were masterminded by Moscow and paid for

It was also revealed that the organizers of protests offered participants a daily compensation ranging from UAH 70 to UAH 125. The government decided to up its security measures in the center of Kyiv until November 22.

According to law enforcement, as of 13:00, more than 6,000 took part in street protests. Eyewitnesses reported that the so-called "titushky" [thugs traditionally used for provocations during mass protests for a certain reward] were spotted near the Mariinsky Park and Instytutska street.

The whole government quarter had tight security. Metal detectors and fences were erected in the Institutska street, known as one of the places of the huge bloodbath and mass killings in the days of the Euromaidan protests, although free walk access to the government buildings was not restricted. 

In order to prevent probable provocations or even terrorist attacks, the K-9 police and bomb technicians are deployed in the Mariinsky park near the Verkhovna Rada.

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