Tuesday, November 15 2016 20:11 EET
Unexpected confession: ‘Luhansk People's Republic's' official envoy in Minsk Vladislav Deinego openly admits Russia invaded Donbas
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Kremlin-backed militant's ‘official' is sure Russia will save the ‘Luhansk republic' once more if Ukraine will try to restore its sovereignty

Known Ukrainian journalist from Donetsk Denys Kazansky reported about unusual confession made by one of pro-Russian militant ‘officials,' who represents so-called ‘separatist' forces in Minsk talks, which control part of Ukrainian Donbas, Uatoday reported.

"In an interview with TV channel Luhansk 24, Vladislav Deinego, ‘Luhansk People's Republic's' official envoy to the Minsk talks, openly declared that Russia is fighting on the side of ‘LPR' militants. His statement fully negates testimonies by so-called ‘witnesses' who claim that a ‘civil war' is raging in Ukraine. On the one side, some people are trying to cover up for the aggressor state (Russia), while here on television, Mr. Deinego publicly states that Russia is actively participating in the war and supporting the separatist ‘state of Luhansk'," Kazansky wrote in the article for Euromaidan Press.

Unexpected truce was provoked by local journalist.

Kazansky explained: "In response to the TV host's statement that Ukrainian radicals could ‘destroy the ‘LPR' just as local radicals in Libya destroyed Gaddafi, Deinego replied that Russia has always come to the rescue of the ‘LPR' in times of need, has saved the puppet state many times from destruction, and will deploy its troops in Luhansk region in future if hostilities between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the separatists escalate."

"You're forgetting one small point. When the situation was very difficult for us, we very quickly received support from our brothers who are really not that far away. So, even if we don't have enough troops or munitions, we can be absolutely sure that they will help us. The Russian army will be deployed to our territory," militant ‘official' assured.

"Well, we all know what's really happening. You can't hide elephants in mouseholes," Denys Kazansky summarized. 

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