Friday, November 11 2016 20:56 EET
Ukraine sells its Oplot tanks to Thailand
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Oplot tanks are difficult to produce, but Ukraine's weaponry is quite competitive.

The "Ukroboronprom" defence industry concern sends a new layout of its Oplot tanks to Thailand, Uatoday reported.

The corresponding contract on the distribution of 49 Ukrainian tanks was signed in 2011, with the amount of USD 250 million involved. This is the fourth layout of 5 armoured combats machines to Thailand since 2011.

The contract will be fulfilled by 2017, when the last layout of tanks is planned to be transported to Thailand.

T-84U "Oplot" is the Ukrainian main battle tank first designed and produced in 1999 in Kharkov. 

Earlier reported “UkrOboronProm” represented the "Phantom" - soldier of the future.

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