Friday, November 11 2016 20:49 EET
"The kid": Ukraine presents its new assault rifle - video
"The kid", Ukraine, assault rifle, video, modernization,  AK-74, Ukroboronprom

The new rifle is already being produced

The "Ukroboronprom", a Ukrainian state-held defence industry concern, revealed their new assault rifle "Maliuk" ("the kid"), Uatoday reported.

Video presentation of a new Ukraine-made weapon is available on the venture's YouTube channel.

"The rifle is an in-depth modernization of the AK-74 with a bullpup model, which provides significantly shorter barrel length and makes it more compact, as well as shifting the centre of gravity to a more comfortable plain, which significantly improves the accuracy of fire," the video explains.

The "Maliuk" has undergone the state examinations at the Ukrainian Armed Forces firing ranges and are being produced, the "Ukroboronprom" also informs. 

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