Thursday, November 10 2016 18:46 EET
Russia`s FSB arrests another 'Ukraine sabotage group' with maps and explosives, targeting military and critical infrastructure in Crimea
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Ukraine's Defense Ministry has denied the allegations that its agents were arrested in Crimea.

'The FSB really hasn't arrested any sabotage group, because there aren't any groups in Sevastopol or Crimea', the Defense Ministry spokesman Andriy Lysenko, Uatoday reports.

'Russian security services are trying to demonstrate their effectiveness in this way, again misleading its highest Russian authorities, the people and the international community', Lysenko said, adding that 'a conclusion could be made that the FSB has turned into 'a factory of lies'.

According to the report on the official website of the institution, published on November 10, 2016, the detained are referred to as a ‘sabotage-terroristic group' of the Main Intelligence Office of Ukraine's Defense Ministry.

This group allegedly planned to organize ‘diversions', targeting military and critical infrastructure in Crimea.

The report claims, the FSB has confiscated explosives, weapons and other ‘evidence', proving the criminal nature of the group.

The FSB also says it has found maps of the areas, where the diversions were planned.

The detained are under investigation, and the law enforcers will decide on the correct preventive measure.

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