Thursday, November 10 2016 18:38 EET
Article 5 obligation: NATO promises to defend all allies, despite Donald Trump`s victory
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After almost 70 years of collective defence, NATO stays committed to what it was created for, says Stoltenberg

Despite U.S. presidential election victor Donald Trump, NATO will stay defending all of its allies, the Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed, Uatoday report.

"All allies have made a solemn commitment to defend each other and this is something which is absolute and unconditioned," Stoltenberg told a news conference, saying he would try to speak to Trump by telephone as soon as possible and would welcome him to a NATO summit in Brussels next year.

NATO has been defending its member states within the collective defence system since 1949, and still stays stuck to its unconditional guarantees, the Secretary General said.

"The U.S. commitment to NATO and the collective defence of Europe has been rock solid for almost 70 years and I am absolutely confident that it will still be the case," Stoltenberg said, noting that two world wars had shown the importance of stability in Europe to the United States.

According to the Article 5 of the Alliance treaty signed in 1949, an unprovoked attack on any member state is considered an offensive against them all, and the relevant measures must be invoked by its nations as provided by the agreement.

During his presidential campaign, U.S. president-elect Donald Trump pledged to probably reconsider the U.S. guarantees within the NATO defence system and claimed that Washington may refuse the Baltic states in defence against possible Russian aggression if he reveals that those nations do not fulfil their financial duties to the USA. 

Earlier reported NATO supports Ukraine's position on sanctions against Moscow - Jens Stoltenberg.

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